Orange for the Martyrs….

Today and tomorrow are set aside days worldwide to remember the martyrs in prayer. Please wear orange and pray! Perhaps take a picture of yourself and post it with the hashtag “orangeChristian”.



Screenshot courtesy of my dad. It is from his viewing.

Screenshot courtesy of my dad. It is from his viewing.


6 thoughts on “Orange for the Martyrs….

  1. Sanae.T says:

    One Japanese pastor wrote in his blog’s article,the last voices of some coptic martyers were ‘My Lord,Jesus’ in Arabic.He also wrote that who got victory is not ISIS,but their faith.I agree with him.The Japanese journalist who died (Mr.Kenji Goto)
    was also christian.He went to Syria to help his friend.I’ve read the articles he wrote on christian media. After he died,many words he left were read by people. Martyers are not victims but victors In God’s eyes,I think. Let’s pray for persecuted christians all over the world.

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  2. When I read your post I though about the verse in Psalm 116:15 “Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints”
    After we die, we’ll go to heaven. By refusing to recant Jesus, martyrs show that God is more precious than the life. With technologies that are out there the news about those saints deaths reach the ends of Earth. People get curious. They read stories and some come to Christ.
    Last week I had an opportunity to share Gospel with my Muslim classmate. We started talking about head covering and I ended up telling him that Jesus is the Word of God. Please pray for the fruit and that he’ll become saved. If you would like to e-mail me my e-mail is: irinaglazkova89@gmail.com
    You older sister,

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    • Dearest Sister Irina,

      How wonderful! Yes. A wonderful verse. And yes. They not only show Jesus is more precious to them than life but they also receive special rewards in heaven! And how absolutely overjoying that you were able to share the Gospel with your muslim classmate!! I will pray fervantly for fruit. Have you ever heard of “The Gospel for Muslims” by Thabiti Anyabwile? What I’ve read of it so far is really good. And also “Bridges: Christians Connecting with Muslims” DVD series. I have not started these yet (I’m saving them for a small group study I’m planning on starting come summer), but they look really good. I think these may help you in sowing, watering, and reaping with muslims. ^~^

      Your ever devoted sister rejoicing and praying with you,
      Kegan Cook


  3. Sanae.T says:

    Dear Kegan.Today I was so surprised to find this article introduced on one Japanese pastor’s blog.http://www.christianpost.com/news/report-isis-fighter-who-enjoyed-killing-christians-wants-to-follow-jesus-after-dreaming-of-man-in-white-who-told-him-you-are-killing-my-people-139880/
    It says that ISIS fighter who killed christians met Jesus. One of his christian victims gave him bible before he was killed.If it is true,so amaging. Please check when you have time.(originally from interview on voice of martyr)

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    • Dearest Sanae-san,

      How amazing! Praise the Lord! I am so happy to hear this! May He grow in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ! I will try to finish reading the article later. But that sure made my day! Thank God! 😀 Let us rejoice together with all of heaven to see such a soul saved! God is truly good always….Thank you, Sanae-san!

      Your little sister,


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