Another Nepali Earthquake—Severe Aftershock


After the terrible suffering caused by a recent devestating earthquake, another hard aftershock hit Nepal in an area nearby, increasing the suffering of the Nepali people. Relief was finally beginning to touch those hit by the previous earthquake when another outcry went out. Please pray for and support these poor, suffering Nepali people!

To donate and/or learn more, please visit http://www.gfa.org/earthquake/nepal/#


2 thoughts on “Another Nepali Earthquake—Severe Aftershock

  1. Sanae.T says:

    Rainy season(June to september) is approaching in Nepal.In south Asia,it rains everyday in this season.They say that they need to prepare houses in hurry,because they cannot go through rainy season in tents.Nepali earthquake are also big news in Japan.
    Our country also has big risk of earthquake. 3.11 earthquake survivors still have many difficulties.When it happened in 2011,many countries helped Japan,and we Japanese do not forget it.May God support Nepali people in need by helping hands of many people in the world.

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    • Thank you for this, Sanae-san! Yes. That is true. Let us pray hard that houses will be built quick! And I am sorry about the Japan earthquake in 2011. 😦 We do not get bad earthquakes here, though there is a chance near where I live. I think there is a fault line running on the Mississippi-Alabama border. And that could be bad if it shifted. But as of right now, we do not get bad earthquakes here….


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