Dear single friend,

What wonderful insight from our dear sister Alma! Many of tghese things are ones that I have also learned along the way. Please visit her site! https://cascadesofmercy.wordpress.com/2015/04/13/dear-single-friend/
¿Hablas español? Ella habla en español mucho. 🙂

Cascades of Mercy

Dear single friend, It doesn´t matter if you´re young or old. It doesn´t matter if you live with your parents or by yourself. It doesn´t matter if you are at school, or working, or in the mission field. I know something, you may be desperate, you may be discouraged, you may be hopeful or expectant, you may think about it very often, or may be now you´re not very interested about it, but I know that somewhere deep inside your heart you yearn to be loved by your own Price Charming, don’t you? tumblr_n5n4d5mGgf1sl6cl9o1_400 I was that kind of girls who think that being obsessed with marriage was stupid and a loss of time. Well, weddings are everywhere right now, I mean EVERYWHERE! And for months every conversation somehow ended with the “marriage subject”. And I feel helpless, it got me. And talking with other girls I sense that many of…

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2 thoughts on “Dear single friend,

  1. Sanae.T says:

    Thank you Kegan for introducing this beautiful article. I remembered many conflicts I had in my mind when I was a young single girl.Even after becaming christian at the age of 20,sometimes they caused trouble for me. I wish I could have point of view like her at that time.After I married, I noticed a lot about what we should be as a single lady.May God bless you and sister Alma!

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