Nepal Update

Please continue to remember those affected by the recent earthquakes in Nepal. Thousands still struggle to survive. In light of my recent post about the poor, the Nepali people are poor. And now what little they had has been taken. Please reach out to them in prayer, financial support, and (for those of you who are able) perhaps by volunteering in some way to go and serve. I thank you all dearly from the bottom of my heart! May God hear the cries of the destitute and answer via His people! May we all cry out, “Here am I, Lord! Send me!”



2 thoughts on “Nepal Update

  1. Sanae.T says:

    Today in Kanagawa Japan,there was a storong earthquake . In Kuchierabu island (Kagoshima,Japan),volcano eruption occured yesterday.Natural disaster can be everywhere.We cannot be absolutely safe on the earth. We also can be victims.
    Not to forget people in need is important in His eyes,I think. God judges us by how we did to the smallest people.Please keep on writing to let us rethink what we can do for them.

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    • Dearest Sanae-san,

      Thank you! You are so kind and encouraging and informative. Thank you for letting me know about the natural disasters in Japan! I will keep them in my prayers…

      Your little sister,

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