You Can Help Nepal!

Not my pic...

Not my pic…

You can help Nepal by creating your very own fundraiser! The list od ideas are endless! Or you can help/give to a fundraiser already going! Find out more: https://www.mygfa.org/p/choose/nepal-earthquake-relief/?cm_mmc=GFA-_-Email-_-2903832-_-150609%20Digest%20274%20WB56-G200%20(4)


4 thoughts on “You Can Help Nepal!

  1. Keegan, last year our church send missionaries to Nepal. They were there for about a year. This Saturday they organized fundraising hike for Nepal. The organisation works in Nepal. I am participating in that hike and donating some money. Unfortunately, I cannot donate much. You know that couple–husband and wife–biked across entire Canada from east to west. I feel so honored to hike alongside those and other fellow believers. I didn’t know if I can do that till the last moment. Also we need to pray that people will believe in God.

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  2. Sanae.T says:

    Dear Irina, how nice that you have such opportunity! May God bless the missionaries of your church In Nepal. I’m always surprised that many churches in North America are so active to help people in need.Not only for destitudes in their homelands,but for ones in foreign countries.
    Every year in summer I donate few money to one NGO which support Nepali kids and women.I wish I could do some extra. And Kegan, thank you for keep on informing. Disasters are easily forgotten,but still many people are struggling.I think that God gave you unceasing concern about people in need.

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