What We Need…

As people, we tend to want to see the very best, brightest things. This is, of course, understandable. In a despairing world, we want to see hope, life, and light. It helps us to move on, to keep going.

But I’m afraid we in America have seen too many good days. Although we have our own problems, they are trifling when compared to many of those around the globe. Yet we still cry out for hope and life and light.

The problem is that what moves us most is not happy faces and smiles. It is the harsh realities of life: broken, suffering people in a messed up world. It is the agonizing cries of a hungry child. It is the mournful groans of a widowed woman. It is the hopelessness in the eyes of the people in third world countries. Children who have never known “gifts”. Wives who have never known love. Husbands who have never known peace. It is the broken, hopeless cycles of this world that grip our hearts and break us down. It is painful. It is hard. But it is needed.

It would be different if we, as Christians, saw these things the way the world sees them: either overly optimistic or pathetically pessimistic. However, we see niether. We know the reality. But we also know hope. We also see that, though we never feed all the hungry and poor of the world, we still have greater news that will feed their souls. And what’s more is that we in America have more. We have a hoarded, abundant supply of necessities. We can minister to both needs.

But to minister in this way, we must give with abandon. And giving with abandon means sacrifice. And sacrifice means denying ourselves and our own selfishness. And doing this means pain. Yes, lots of pain. Because generations of selfish pleasures are not easy to kill. But, believe me, it is far more rewarding to have them dead.

So, the question is: Will you? Are you willing to sacrifice to see hearts and lives changed? Is it worth it to you?

I suppose the real question is: Will you follow Jesus? In my mind, there is only one right answer. There is only one answer that benefits us at all. So, let us go. Let us follow Jesus. Let us reach a lost and dying world for Christ.

My screenshot during his video "To Live Is Christ—Full Version". It can be found on Gospel For Asia's Youtube channel.

My screenshot during his video “To Live Is Christ—Full Version”. It can be found on Gospel For Asia’s Youtube channel.

Dear God, as K. P. Yohannan says, “Stamp eternity on our eyes!” Let us evaluate all of our actions in light of eternity! Move us to action—Move us to love! And may Your grace and presence be with us all. In the name of Jesus, amen.


6 thoughts on “What We Need…

  1. Sanae.T says:

    Mother Teresa MC said that people often talk about destitudes but do not like to talk with them.I think it is because of fear and hesitation.To face reality often forces us to act.We are apt to be worry about what we loose by giving them.(especially when we feel that we are not rich,struggling for livelihood.)If we know them personally,what do we act? I like the words of ecclesiastes 11.1.’Cast thy bread upon the waters,for thou shalt find it after many days.’ Sharing.Without it we cannot love anyone. We have to learn to share more instead of chasing what we do not really need.Thank you for dealing with this difficult issue with us.

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    • Dearest Sanae-san,

      Thank you for this very insightful comment! I think you are right. I hope to continue to deal with this topic and hope to see actions because of it. 🙂

      Your little sister,


  2. Dear Kegan,

    Hello, today I could manage to use the computer and quickly I came to your blog! It was so refreshing to read sincere and passionate message and Sanae’s thoughtful comment. I miss you so much.

    Today I talked with a refugee child from Baluchestan. He told me about his father whom (this child might not be able to see him because of the complicated family situation) this child loves dearly. Now He let me stay with this family, giving us opportunities to share His love with them. We cannot carry all the problems and sorrows in the world but we can bring a little joy and hope to the hearts of people around us! Sometimes a simple smile brings great joy and comfort to those who are under sorrow.

    And you are the bright vessel of Him, Kay-chan. Oh, I miss you!

    p.s. I like the verse which Sanae san quoted.


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    • Dearest Kinuko-san,

      How wonderful that you could get on today! I have not posted much lately. I hope to do more soon, though. 🙂

      Thank you for this very lovely and inspiring comment! It has refreshed me! I miss you, too, Kinuko-san! I pray that everything goes well for you! May God bless you abundantly for eternity!

      Thank you so much, Kinuko-san! :’D

      Your little sister,


  3. I started giving away some of my things I have to people who need them. Kegan, I have’t given away much, but it has made difference in my attitude already. It’s s different between giving away things and buying them and then give them away.
    Our lives cannot be sacrifices if we would not share what we have with others.

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    • Indeed, Sister Irina! How blessed it is to give….How wonderful that you are giving! I know it makes a difference! We cannot fully show God’s love to others without giving and sharing, I think…..


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