Nepal Update—Again!

Screenshot of an email Gospel for Asia sent me. Sign up to get them, too!

Screenshot of an email Gospel for Asia sent me. Sign up to get them, too!

Also remember Nepal as nepali Christians’ religious freedom is at risk! Read more about it at http://www.gfa.org, Gospel Fo Asia’s website!


2 thoughts on “Nepal Update—Again!

  1. Sanae.T says:

    Dear Kegan,I also read on newspaper and christian media,knew that Nepali government is going to prohibit conversion.
    If it is decided formally,any person can not preach others( with other faith )to let them convert.
    In 5 provinces of Nepal,conversion without permission of local goverments is already prohibited.Right wing political party strongly requires Central goverment to prohibit conversion.

    In Nepal,2 percent of population are christians. Those who accept Christ continue to increase. I heard that Hindu people have much sense of crisis of that, agree with goverment’s decision to stop ‘cultural invasion’.

    In some Asian countries,christianity is often tied with inperialism and cultural invasion by historical background.(For example missionaries can never go to Bhutan.Government prohibits them to enter to prevent conversion for protecting their Buddihist culture.I learned it from Buddihist scholar of my university.)
    May God touch all truth seeking souls in these countries.Thank you for updating.

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    • Dearest Sanae-san,

      Thank you! You are always insightful. We must come together and pray fervantly for our poor, persecuted brothers and sisters around the globe…..God, please protect them and open up a way for more souls to be saved! In Jesus’ name, Amen.

      Your little sister,

      P.S. Sorry I haven’t been posting very much lately. I think I am going to try to make more time to deal with the many articles I have started in my head! 🙂


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