Death Will Die

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We all experience pain and suffering in this life. And it gets hard sometimes. But I want to share a song’s lyrics with you. They are encouraging and real. Whether you’re a Christian or not, you can relate to this. But it’s special for us who have that precious hope. You have to know that there’s hope to believe in! Just listen, please…

“Death Has Died”

Andy Mineo

[Verse 1]—

It was just last week that my grandma died.

It’s been years since I’ve seen family on my father’s side.

A bittersweet moment but tell me why.

Nothing less than the sting of death brought us together.

I sat and listened to the priest tell lies

To appease loved ones in they seats.

When you’re looking at a face that’s weeping,

The grim truth don’t bring ’em no peace.

So I put on all white gloves like Mr. Jackson.

Carry the casket to the Cadillac then,

I realize this is the first time that me and my brothers ever did something together.

Whatever, I’m grown now. Come on, let’s just put on our smiles and take pictures, we can take pictures.

Eat this humble pie and leave them dishes

For somebody else to clean ’em until I see ya’ll again.


(Breaking down, breaking down)

Everything here is breaking down

(Br-br-Breaking down, breaking down)

It’s all breaking down down down

(Breaking down, breaking down)

Everything here is breaking down

(Breaking down, breaking down)

But this won’t be forever, no!


You used to make me cry,

<Death, you made me cry! (Only said after verse 2)>

But one day He’ll wipe every tear from our eyes!

He’ll come make all things right,

And we’ll sing, “Death has died!”

But until that day—


Until that day—

Oh, until that day,

<Oh, oh, oh>

This won’t be forever.

Until that day—

Oh, until that day,

Oh (this won’t be forever)

This won’t be forever.

[Verse 2]—

I hopped off the plane.

My God, what a scene that I seen on that TV screen!

People huddled round, hands on they mouth.

Not again, same problem, it hit a new town!

Twenty-six dead, twenty of ’em kids.

Where do you begin when some lives just ended?

And everybody got the question,

“If God’s so good, how he let this happen?”

Is it mental health? Is it gun control?

Is it we make superstars out of animals?

Is it the movies we make? The video games?

I don’t know, but God I want an antidote!

All I know is this world is broken.

Our sin is the reason it ain’t like it’s supposed to.

Words fall short tryna comfort the grieving,

But you gotta know that there’s hope to believe in!

One day my God gon’ crack the sky!

He gon’ bottle up every tear that we ever cry!

Bring truth to every lie, justice for every crime,

All our shame will be gone and we’ll never have to hide!

No more broken hearts! No more broken homes!

No more locking doors! No more cops patrolling!

No abusive words, or abusive touches!

No more cancerous cells that’ll take our loved ones!

No more hungry kids! No more natural disasters!

No child will ever have to ask where his dad is!

No funerals, where we wear all black,

And death will be dead, then we’ll lock the casket, yes!!!

[Hook x2]



2 thoughts on “Death Will Die

  1. Sanae.T says:

    ‘It is God who find me,not death.’.Thérèse de Lisieux in 19th century said in her death bed. Missionary of our church said that death is not despair but hope if we stay in God truly.
    Last year we lost one of our church member by cancer in her 40’s. Only 35days were left after she knew her sickness until her death.But by Holy spirit,she never lose her conviction in Jesus.She said that God uses even her death as good.
    I saw her face on her funeral.She was smiling,closing her eyes.All of our church members do believe that she is now in heaven.
    I remembered her life,reading this article.This incident changed my life so much.
    I have never known this lylics,thank you for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dearest Sanae-san,

      Thank you for the beautiful quote and touching experience! I agree. Death can still be hard to take for Christians, but (unlike the world) we have hope and joy in death. 🙂 It is something beautiful! So that, even when we lose loved ones, we can have assurance that we may see them again (based on the fruit of their life). We don’t have to sorrow as the world does, which has no hope. We can be joyous in everything, even the chilling sting of death! How wonderful this salvation is, which we preach to the world! May God be glorified in all things both now and for ever more!

      Your little sister,
      Kay-chan ❤


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