Plight of the Poor

The Tears of the Saints

The tears of the saints…..When will we change? Oh my dear, dear brothers and sisters…..when will we change? I cry and weep. Let us go. My life is not worth living if it is not lived for the lost! God, kill me if I don’t proclaim the Gospel! It is better for Your kingdom if I’m dead rather than if I’m lukewarm. Let us go! Let us fulfill our call….


2 thoughts on “The Tears of the Saints

  1. Sanae.T says:

    May God keep you always in His hand,allow you to have such strong passion for lost people.Here in Japan,also gospel is only known as a dogma for christians.Many people do not think that it is absolute truth.God is true.And if we ask Him in earnest,He will answer. I noticed your new post today and was struck by your faith.

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