Say hello to my dad! He has started blogging. 🙂 Check out his site! He says many things I don’t. 😉 So, go on and check him out! ^~^



My daughter turned 16B this past week. You, I am certain, would call it ’17’, but that is just your bias based on such piddly things as the cultural need to identify people with the appropriate ‘time-of-life’ designations and math. However, she has chosen to stretch her last two years of high school into four in order to get more experience with life and to help with her little brother’s education (and to gain a little time to finish Calculus, I suppose). This year her grade is ’11B’. So, in order to graduate on time, she has chosen to turn ’16B’ this year, and ’17A’ the next. For the perhaps more serious side of this, you can check out her post on the topic here:


Now, the one thing I can say about my daughter’s age is that it is concrete (philosophical rants about matrices aside). Regardless of how…

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