I need you, I love you, I want you

O what a beautiful post! Let us all lift up our eyes and see just how much we need Him! Let us all say, “I love You, I want You, I need You!”


The image is not mine.  The Saviour is. The image is not mine.
The Saviour is.

Our culture is obsessed. I could say that it is obsessed with sex. With pleasure. With self. All these are true. But really, it is just obsessed. A grossly wealthy world cries out to me. I can hear it every time I leave my house. In fact, I go online and it screams to me. People desperate to express themselves – to validate themselves – compete to see how many ‘I’m ok with myself’ and other memes they can post. Selfie sticks sell in crowded malls with overpriced and undermodest clothes. We spend billions of dollars on machines, parks, trails and memberships to work off SOME of the billions of dollars we spend on overeating. Yet one of our chief concerns today is mental illness. Sure, there are many causes of this, but some are right in front of us. We are…

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