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Testimonies of the “Civilized” (Part 2)

I know what you might be thinking….

“Yeagh yeagh. Those are wonderful testimonies, but they didn’t give me an answer! I still can’t keep from sinning! I still stumble over pornography and lust and all manner of sins!”

….That wasn’t the only song I listened to that night. As I saught more encouragement from our dear brother KB, I stumbled too upon this one. It has been my hope and stability for so many days now….

So, after talking about the lyrics of Open Letter (Battelfield) by KB, I felt like maybe we just needed to sit back and really bask in God’s grace. See, we get so discouraged over our sins and failures. No matter how “small” or “big”, we get discouraged over sin. Now, I by no means want to belittle the seriousness of sin. However, niether do I want to diminish His amazing grace. For a long time, I didn’t understand either one of them. I felt less guilt over my sins (and often questioned if they were really sins) and certainly didn’t understand the magnitude of God’s grace. As time passed on and I truly fell in love with my God, I felt deep agony over my sin. I recognized and understood the seriousness of sin. But for so long (even until recently) I still did not understand His amazing grace. It caused an inbalance in my life. Depression accompanied me often. I wanted to be holy, but I simply couldn’t seem to keep from sinning! I was stressed and downtrodden often. It ruined me for many years. I prayed less, because I couldn’t come to God without seeing my sin. I begged for forgiveness, but I didn’t feel forgiven. (I will write more about this in a later article, Lord be willing.) This made me question, “Has God forsaken me? Am I too far gone? Has the rapture come without me?” and many doubts and fears like them. I couldn’t get free. I couldn’t escape. I couldn’t find hope.

And this, I think, is the trap many Christians are in today.

The truth is that—for His children—every sin is nailed on the cross. Agreed, sin is a seperater. And you will often experience emotional seperation from God after you sin. But do not be afraid. Confess and forsake your sin (Proverbs 28:13). You will be forgiven. Because that’s how grace works. And blessed is the man to whom the Lord won’t even count sin (Psalm 32:2; Romans 4:6&8)! That’s amazing grace! So, let’s just bask in it a moment and thank God for who He is…



By: KB

[Verse 1: KB]

What do you do when the guilt doesn’t cease the morning

After a fall? Crying, “Lord, would you send relief!”

Relief, relief!

Depression is setting in—

Constantly feeling down.

What’s this really about?

I’m recommitting the sins I feel most guilty about!

I’m weak.

Spiritually, my bones sticking out.

I want holiness, but I ain’t got the power to live it out!

That’s why I gotta preach!

Cause the gospel—it gotta hit me!

Jesus has died for my sin!

There’s no power without belief!


[Hook: Suzy Rock]

Oh, I’m letting go of my yesterday!

Grab a hold free in your grace to live!

There’s no more guilt!

I know that I’ve been forgiven!

Hello, new mercies!

Hello every morning!

Every day I live

Is another day I know that I’ve been forgiven!

I know that I’ve been forgiven!

I know that I’ve been forgiven!

[Verse 2: KB]

After life, there’s a judge that we face.

With no Christ, then the lawyer is bringing a brief case—Guilty!

But not for those who are truly underneath the grace!

That’s making me chase—knowing my sins have been erased!

After we stray, we see no point in praying.

“I can’t go to God! I’d rather hide ‘cause he’s angry!” WHAT?!

Who told me that? The Gospel lifts me from my fall!

I have no sins to pay; Jesus has paid them all!

That’s why I preach—

Better get that Gospel to me!

You see the power indeed is available through belief!



I am His!

He is mine!

Bought with the blood of Christ!

Every sin

On Him lay!


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2 thoughts on “Testimonies of the “Civilized” (Part 2)

  1. Sanae.T says:

    We have nature of sin.Even after we believe Jesus,our sinner’s nature is still remained.

    Only when our nature is nailed on the cross with Jesus,we are released from sin.
    To have faith and live with Jesus means battle with ourselves. Which we choose?
    Our sinner’s desire to satisfy ourselves or asking Jesus to fight ?
    In my experience,if one ask Him in earnest,He will answer sincerely.

    What we should do is to be true to Him.To admit our sinful thought and confess Him what we feel. It’s not surprising that we christians have also sinful feeling,because fight with our nature keeps on as long as we live.But if we come near Him,He will be near us!

    Through bible(God’s words),we know what are sins.Is’nt that amaging grace?
    Many people think that sins mean only crimes.But it does not.
    Kegan,may God keep you always in His hand.Please be sure that you’re so blessed!

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