What happened when we opened our HOME to Muslims

This is very powerful and convicting….It’s something that we should all think about and provokes some honest self-examination…God, have mercy on me! I am a wretched creature! Thank You for Your grace! How could I live without it? Change me, O Love, into something more like You! I want to change….

Cindy DeBoer

IMG_1135A few years back our family of six spent four years living in Morocco. In a country that is nearly 100% Islam, we made many Muslim friends. A couple weeks ago, one of those friends decided to visit our family here in Michigan. She traveled with her 18 yr. old daughter who was coming to America for the first time.

Although we were virtually surrounded by Muslims while living in Morocco, it was an entirely new twist to have Muslims living with us – experiencing every-day life with us. This was far more up-close and personal.

What I learned made me uncomfortable. But probably not in the way you’re thinking.

My friend came bearing gifts – for me, my husband, the kids – even for our sons who no longer live home. She got up early and made coffee. She stayed up late and made Moroccan fried bread. Whenever I…

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2 thoughts on “What happened when we opened our HOME to Muslims

  1. Sanae.T says:

    I have experience of talking with some Japanese islamic ladies.(Maybe it ‘s rare in Japan,because the number of muslims is very very few here.) And for several years I exchanged letters with Bangladeshi young muslima. I had impression that all of them are more serious and kinder than general Japanese.

    I heard my Bangladeshi friend saying ‘You can find unthinkable kindness in Bangladesh.’ .In her country, 90 percent of population is muslim.

    How are us christians? Did christianity make us any change which separates us from the world? We are ambassadors of Christ. Mother Teresa said ‘people do’nt come to Christ,seeing christians.’ Yes. I think she is right.

    One of Islamic lady told me that in Europe many christians converted to Islam dissapointed by church.I heard that nowadays many islamic people meet Jesus,and accept Him.But at the same time we have to be careful not to stumble others..including our brothers and sisters.


    • Dearest Sister Sanae,

      Yes. I think that over the years we have really declined in accurately representing Christ.I think it is absolutely terrible that now most people think that “americans” and “christians” are synonomous. No! Though many americans claim Christ, it is only in name. Hardly any of them read their Bible, really pray, or even meet with other Christians. This whole thing is sad, but it is really setting up for Christ’s return….We must be ready…..

      Your little sister,


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