Plight of the Poor

Let us Help the Sick; Let us aid the Weary


What can I say that has not already been said? Live like Jesus. Walk in His steps. If He needs clothed, clothe Him. If He needs food, feed Him. If He needs medical aid, aid Him. If He needs upliftment, uplift Him. Whatever the need, we are called to meet it. And He said that if you do these things to the least of these, you have done them to Him. (Matthew 25) Let us go forth weeping and sewing so that we may return rejoicing, bringing our sheaves with us (Psalm 126:). Let us help the sick. Let us aid the weary. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Let us Help the Sick; Let us aid the Weary

  1. Sanae.T says:

    I’ve been always impressed that many christian workers are living in 3rd world countries to help needy.

    I’ve bought fairtrade products selling in Japan.And many christians run workshop/NPO which support needy people,I knew.

    Sainte Mary,Assisi garments,RTU(India),Rahab ministries(Thailand),MCC,Taize(famous for activities in Bangladesh)… Both cathoric and protestant. You can find products from their workshop at fairtrade shop in Japan.

    May we always share what we have to help people,and may people in need meet God knowing gospel.

    In Japan,outside the churches, people do not talk about faith and truth.
    Many people seem not to need gospel.Please pray for our country Japan,too.

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    • Yes. There is, to many in America, no apparent need for the Gospel here. We are very prosperous and have more than people in third world countries can even imagine. It is sad that we waste so much of it for temperary pleasures instead of eternal riches…..Let us all be fervant in faith and passion, following Jesus with our every step.


  2. Sanae.T says:

    Dear Kegan.Tonight big earthquake (6.2magnitude) occured in Kumamoto,Japan.
    Aftershocks are still following there. Damage scale is still unknown,but near epicenter, houses were collaspsed,fire occurs.

    Everytime I heard about earthquake news here,I always remember Matthew 24.
    In our area it is said that big earthquake will occur in coming 30years in 70percent of the probability.Today I prayed so seriously.

    May we christians be always in Jesus,whatever happens. May our country people know God.
    Please remember Japan,and pray for us.

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