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When Your Heart Is Troubled…

People were His passion.


We crumble. Whether you sit in a prison cell searching for truth and regretting past decisions, or if you sit in your comfy home hiding secret sins and seriously stressing out, or if you just have been feeling restless lately and doubting our most precious promises, we all crumble at some point and come face-to-face with our misery and brokenness. It’s a brutal experience, but also a necessary one.


I want to help. I myself sat on my bed near midnight with the lightning flashing out my windows, weeping as the Lord did a work in my heart. I was restless and consumed with guilt and sorrow and confusion. I was travelling the internet at hyper speed, trying to ease the feelings deep inside. Finally, I stopped and typed the only words that would come to me into the search bar.


“God, i dont know what to do”


I was amazed at the encouragement I found. It was wonderfully fulfilling. I broke. Suddenly, a wave of words flowed freely from my lips as tears streamed freely from my eyes. For the first time in a long time, I truly communed with the Lord. I had words to speak instead of stony silence. I was able to put all my feelings and troubles into words to confess to the One who heard my groanings all along. I broke, and He restored me. It was incredibly freeing….


I want to share it with you.


Here is the primary article that prayed me through my feelings. Maybe it will help you too, when your heart is troubled….


(Picture from HERE)


2 thoughts on “When Your Heart Is Troubled…

  1. Sanae.T says:

    When we are true to God and admit what we are ,our personal relarionship with Him deepen,I think.
    We often lie even to ourselves,try to hide our true feeling,force us to be positive,thinking ‘We should be happy and good christian-like always.’
    Lament,wailing anger,doubt,confusion…We don’t need to open the detail of our negative feeling to others,but need to do to God.For He knows us,and wait for us to help.
    Thank you for sharing your experience.I remembered my own memories how God has touched me in my trials.God bless you,little sister.

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    • Thank you, dear Sanae-san! What a wonderful comment! You are very right. I thank God that He is a father to us. He cares deeply about our hurts and depressions. He wants us to see the light and live in it. I am glad that when I feel alone, I can turn to Him. He cares. He will walk with me through my darkness and will see me to the other side. That is amazing! What an awesome God! 🙂
      Grace be with you, Sanae-san!

      Your little sister,


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