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I used to think that the godliest thing I could do was to express my opinions in relaxed ways and show everyone how gracious, Christ-like, and wise I was. Stupid idea, I know, but I thought it. Unfortunately, I employed this tactic many times and was flabbergasted to find that no one ever bowed down in awe and reverance at my immense understanding and grace. Haha. I never understood at all. Now I know that my first and foremost concern shouldn’t be to express my opinions at all, but rather to listen to others and have a heart for them. Not to speak, but to listen. It’s funny. My parents have been telling me that for years and I always thought it was a dumb idea. How can you win people without words? Now I realize that we don’t win people– God does–and we definitely don’t win them with many words and no concern for listening. We are simply to be living examples of Him to others, to walk with them through their struggles and triumphs, or as some people say: “to do life with them’. People are His passion. We are called to live that passion out.


It’s interesting to me that I never seem to grow out of some of my immature views of God and His will. Like how I somehow still often employ that holier-than-thou tactic as if it’s worth something. Sometimes, this really stresses me out. I look back on my actions, slap my hand to my forehead (ow), and say, “Kegan, you idiot! What were you thinking?!” Of myself, honestly. I start stressing over what those people must think of me now or how what I said came across to them or about how I could make amends. But you know what? It doesnt matter. It’s okay. ‘Cuz I’m a mess. We all are. And sometimes, people are going to permanently etch the holier-than-thou sentiment or some other broken impression of me into their minds as their thought of who I am. And I’m sorry for that, but there’s nothing I can do but love them imperfectly. I’ll never be Jesus, but I can sure keep training my heart to see others as He does. So, do I have ulterior motives? Often, yes. But you’ll need to forgive me. I’m a young fool whose a bit hard-headed with much to learn. Do I love you? Always. And you know what? I think that’s kind of how it’s meant to be until we’re made perfect. Every little time we forgive someone, we experience Christ, and as we grow deeper in love with others, we get to know Him better. So, it’s okay. I’ve learned that the heroes in my life don’t really have capes or super powers, and they’re not all that I thought they were. They let me down. We disagree. They hurt me. Again and again. And you know what? That’s okay. Cuz they love me imperfectly. And I’m enjoying that. In the end, we can laugh about it, and experience more of Christ together. Is it always easy? God knows, no. But it is what it is, and there’s something freeing about that….



9 thoughts on “Heroes

  1. Sanae.T says:

    We are all imperfect.Even we have faith in Jesus given from God.I think that it is not only because of just severe fact that we in nature are inborn sinners,but of God’s allowance to let us learn to need and love each other, accept other’s weakness,know our limit.Without God,we can not go on our life journey-even many people do not admit this fact.

    We can be family,friends,fellows of faith only while we live,under His permission.Some day we will stand in presence of God alone.
    We may be able to see each other again with joy in Heaven in the future,but today is precious time we can spend together on the earth.When I feel difficulty with my family,friends,or other people-I always remember this.They are people whom God sent to me.And like I try to accept other’s weakness,other people have accepted my failures and imperfect-I thank God about it.

    My English ability is so poor,sorry if it’s difficult to get meaning.I hope and pray that God keeps you and your loving people in His hand and be with you always.Thanks for sincere sharing.

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    • Thank you, dear Sanae-san. I agree. Time is precious and temporary….
      Don’t worry about your English. ^~^ I was watching a video not long ago about a japanese girl who was living in England trying to learn English. She said that she was very frustrated a lot because she could not express herself in English like she wanted to. All people who are trying to speak another language have this feeling a lot, I think. When I try to speak Spanish, French, or Japanese, I am often overwhelmed and discouraged. But we must keep learning and persevere so that we may make more friends and build bridges between peoples. 🙂
      Also, I recently found that my state has an organization that promotes Japan-U.S. relations. You may want to check it out: http://www.jasmis-us.com. I don’t know much about it yet, but I am definitely interested in this group’s purpose. ^~^
      I also found out recently that I shouldn’t say ‘Sayounara’ for a regular good-bye. ^^; Sorry….So, is it too informal for me to tell you “Jaa ne”? “Mata ne” is the plural form of “Jaa ne”, yes? I still have so much to learn…..
      Well, grace be with you, dear sister! I pray we both thrive in our language-learning. 🙂

      Your little sister,


  2. Sanae.T says:

    Thank you,Kegan for encouragement.I started to study English at the ageof 9,but still
    are learning.My Philippina friend living in Japan who can speak American English help me much.She can speak 5 languages including Japanese,English,Mandarine.she said ‘For survival in foreign countries,you can do anything to learn!’She had worked in Taiwan before marriage.

    I also are trying to memorize French words more.I learned basic French reading at Univ,but do not know many vocabularies.

    You can use ‘Jaa ne’ to say good-bye to your family,close friends,little kids.It’s very casual expression of ‘Good-bye’.So when you say good bye to your teacher,pastor,elder person,it’s better to say ‘sayounara’.
    ‘Mata ne’ is also casual,and this contains meaning ‘see you again.’ Japanese kids prefer saying ‘bye bye’for regular good bye.

    I will visit HP you introduced! Thank you so.Language-learning is so good for building bridge between people-Yes!


    • Dearest Sanae-san,

      Thank you for your input! Arigatōgozaimasu! If you don’t mind, could you answer another question? What would be the most appropriate, polite good-bye when talking to someone on the internet–like when I’m replying to you or sending you emails? I had recently listened to a You-Tuber girl who is Japanese talk about how we should not say “Sayounara” because it is like a final good-bye (like we’ll never see each other again). I am confused. She mentioned better good-byes, but they were mostly casual. Is “sayounara” the generally acceptable response to strangers, elders, etc.? I am just confused….

      Anyway, I am very surprised to hear about your Philippina friend! I wish I spoke so many languages….I am still working on my French, Spanish, and Japanese. Maybe some day I will travel….

      I hope you are doing well! And I hope I do not bother you too much with my questions. Grace be with you!

      Your little sister,


  3. Sanae.T says:

    We Japanese are told to use ‘Sayounara’ to say good bye to teachers at school.’Sayounara’ is formal word to say ‘good-bye’.I used to say ‘Sayounara’ to my teachers everyday.Using formal expression to show respect.

    But this word is also used to express ‘farewell’ or ‘final good bye’ like the you-tuber girl say.In situation like breaking up,separated by death or unavoidable reason etc.You can find this in many Japanese drama and movies.

    We do not use ‘Sayounara’ to family,friends,close people.I think because it is too formal,and of to avoid misunderstanding like the girl says.

    I think that ‘Dewa mata’ is good.It means like ‘(See you)again’,more formal than ‘Jaa ne’.Sometimes I use ‘Dewa mata,Ogennki de’.to finish up my letter to elders.It means ‘(See you )again,please be fine.’

    ‘Shiturei simasu.’ is also good for elders.Its meaning is like ‘Excuse me,I’m off’ in formal expression. ‘Dewa mata.Shiturei simasu.’also sounds formal.

    My friend talks Tagalog,Visayas,English,Japanese and Mandarine.She had worked in Taiwan after university graduation,married Japanese in Philippines later,now live in Japan.I think that Kinuko also speaks 5 languages or more.I learns English and French still.And I like to sing hymns in many languages.

    I’m gald to know about your passion for learning languages. May God bless you,too!

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    • Arigatōgozaimasu! That helps a lot! I have been learning Japanese etiquette and language and customs. I watch this YouTube channel “Rachel and Jun”. They are a married couple. The woman (Rachel) is from the US, and the man (Jun) is from Japan. They speak a lot about culture differences, language differences, etc. It is very interesting! Maybe you would like to visit their channel? They often subtitle in Japanese or even speak Japanese and subtitle in english. 🙂

      That link is to a video about what Japanese words we need in English. I haven’t watched it yet, but these things are always fascinating. ^~^

      Thank you again for your help! Grace be with you. Dewa mata, Ogenki de. 🙂


  4. Sanae.T says:

    I know about Jun and Rachel.They are famous youtubers.Many youtubers living in Japan are introducing Japanese culture and customs.They are called ‘J-blogger(or vlogger)’ .They are from many countries.Once I watched video of Russian girl living in Japan.One site introduced Jun and Rachel’s video,so I know about them.I heard that their channel is so popular.

    I’m not good at listening English,I watch documentaries in English for learning.When I could not get meaning,I play it again to listen once more. I also try to gain my English vocabularies.

    There are many Japanese expressions which are difficult to translate into English.When we come back home,we say ‘Tadaima’.This word means ‘right now’or ‘just now’ literally,but expressing ‘I’m home now’.

    I hope you enjoy Japanese learning,thanks.

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    • I only recently found out about them. So, I’m a little behind….And thank you for more Japanese vocabulary! I need as much as I can get. Please correct my Japanese when I am speaking it incorrectly. Arigatōgozaimasu….
      Japanese is so fun! I feel like I was born to speak it. And there are so many things about japanese customs that I love and naturally prefer. I hope to spend some time in Japan some day….Maybe I will study abroad. ^~^


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