🙇‍♀️About Me🙇‍♀️

Name: Kegan Cook

Age: 20

Birthday: October 13

Contact me at radioactive4christ@gmail.com

Or visit me on Deviantart: http://blue-rose98.deviantart.com

Come chat! I love conversation. 🙂 Feel free to leave comments. ^~^

I was homeschooled, but I am currently living at home, studying languages and following God’s path for my rather strange life.


★I can speak a little Spanish./ Hablo un poco de español. ¡Hablemos!

🌶Rincón de Español📚

(Working on it….)

★I can speak a tiny bit of french./ Je parle un petit peu française.

☕Café d’Française🥐

(Working on it….)

★こんにちは !/ Kon’nichiwa! 🙂 Hajimemashite! Watashi wa Kegan desu. Yoroshiku onegai shimasu. O genki desu ka?  I LOVE Japan, and I support positive american-japanese relations. May God work in Japan….

🍵Kissaten no Nihongo🍵

(Working on this language too, though I lack an official course.)


*Half the world goes to bed with empty stomachs, naked bodies, and broken hearts. Won’t you please give to help them? Visit https://gfa.org or any of the millions of charities out there to start changing lives and creating futures.*


——-( •—• )——————————————————-

Hello. My name is Kegan Cook. My favorite colors are lavender and jade, halfly because I love their names and halfly because I like blues and greens and purples. My favorite animals are owls, sheep, and cats of pretty much any kind, but especially tiger cubs. I also have a particular obsession with phoenixes and similar magical beasts. I enjoy drawing, writing (poetry or stories or whatnot), making/listening to music, and playing D&D. Those are my hobbies. My favorite foods include potatoes and rice, and I prefer white meats to red meats. I love languages, and I hope to one day see the world and perhaps even be a verbal translator/guide to those who travel abroad, whether missionally, vacationally, vocationally, etc.

I am a quirky Christian. I cover my hair to save my primary beauty for my supposed-future husband and to avoid all the complicatedness of 1Corinthians 11 about women covering their heads when they pray or prophesy. I wear one earring as a symbol that I chose to stay with my Master (God), like the jewish servants in the Old Testament who chose to stay with their masters instead of being sent free; servants who were then taken aside in a ceremony and an aul driven through their ear as a sign of their free-willed servanthood (Exo. 21:1-6; Deu. 15:12-18). I dress the way I do because I like the way it looks, I feel most comfortable when thus covered, and because it seems to be the best way to make everyone most comfortable around me. I can’t help the fact that my quirkiness shows, but I do my best to make everyone comfortable in most ways.

My dreams for life are many, but the utmost desire of my heart and soul is to follow Jesus and make some difference, however small or large that may be, in the world and people around me….

Anyway, time is wasting. Don’t waste your life on my rambling. Go live it. We only have one….and no telling when that one will end. Best be sure of the important things while there is still time, and live a full life while we can. 🙂

——————————————————-( •—• )———-

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