About Me

Name: Kegan Cook

Age: 19

Birthday: October 13

Contact me at radioactive4christ@gmail.com

Or visit me on Deviantart: http://blue-rose98.deviantart.com

Come chat! I love conversation. 🙂 Feel free to leave comments. ^~^

I am a homeschooled girl, currently a senior in high school.


★I can speak a little Spanish./ Hablo un poco de español. ¡Hablemos!

★I can speak a tiny bit of french./ Je parle un petit peu française.

★こんにちは !/ Kon’nichiwa! 🙂 O genki desu ka? Watashi wa Kegan desu.  I LOVE Japan, and I support american-japanese relations. May God work in Japan….


Some personal interests of mine are art, music, writing, and family. My favorite colors are jade and lavender, probably because of how they sound. My family consists of my dad, my mom, my older brother (20), me, my younger brother (17), and my baby brother (9). We are strong proponents of family ministry and outreach. I love learning about cultures, languages, and peoples. I love trying foreign foods and collecting foreign things.

‘1•1•Six be my logo’….


Half the world goes to bed with empty stomachs, naked bodies, and broken hearts. Won’t you please give to help them? Visit https://gfa.org or any of the millions of charities out there to start changing lives and creating futures.

——-( •—• )——————————————————-

If there is curiosity about it, I am a christian. I am also an american. Due to the tainting of these titles over time, I cannot completely take pride in having either. I am honored to take up the title christian because it means ‘little christ’, and I long to be like Him, but because of the centuries of injustice and ignorance associated with the title ‘christian’, I cannot completely embrace the joy of the title. Same for the title ‘american’. I appreciate my freedom, but my countrymen and I disagree on many things….I cannot take pride in a country who obsesses over celebrities and gorges on ridiculous amounts of wealth and vanity while half the world starves and suffers. I don’t want to be like that, and I cannot take pride in a title that associates me with those things….I’m sorry….

Regardless of my strange ideas and ideals, I am an amateur artist. I do it as a therapy and an entertainment. I simply enjoy it. I do not see myself ever getting as good as my fellow artists, in visual or literature, but I do so enjoy viewing/reading works of art. ^~^ I also enjoy socializing with people around the globe. I am grateful for the time others take for me. Please do talk with me! I love to gain new perspectives on all sorts of things. And don’t worry about offending me—I have three brothers. Offending me is a tough job at this point. 😉 So, if you have questions, comments, or recommendations, go for it! I may need them. 😀

Anyway, time is wasting. Don’t waste your life on my rambling. Go live it. We only have one….and no telling when that one will end. Best be sure of the important things while there is still time, and live a full life while we can. 🙂

——————————————————-( •—• )———-


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