Plight of the Poor

Earthquake Victims Receive Warm Blankets in Time for Winter


Because there’s still a need and there are still hurting people. This disaster left it’s mark and it’s our job to be with them. God, please provide for the needy and helpless….


5 thoughts on “Nepal’s Recovering….

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  2. Sanae.T says:

    Once a year I donate one Japanese NGO which support Nepali women(many of them are victims of human trafficking,saved from brothels in India) and orphans.They are also supporting earthquake victims.

    According to Anglican communion news service, after the earthquake,many Nepali people came to churches,became christians,touched by Jesus.May He provide what victims need,not only materials,but spiritual support.

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    • Thank you, Sanae-san! God has commissioned us to be His hands and feet—not because He needs us, but as an honour for us to be involved in His work. This commission means providing for every possible need that we can possibly fill, whether physical, spiritual, emotional, mental, etc. It’s a tough job, but it is so worth it…..


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